Reflections on the cost and price of Yorkshire Terrier dogs

What is a Yorkshire Terrier?

The Yorkshire Terrier, also popularly known as the Yorkie, is a small dog that originated in the county of Yorkshire in England. It is an ornamental dog breed that is characterised by its long, silky coat and lively, energetic temperament. Yorkies are intelligent, adventurous dogs that make great companions for people in flats. Thanks to their charm and ease of relating to people, the Yorkshire Terrier is very popular with dog lovers all over the world.

Price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

The price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy depends on a number of factors. First of all, the variety, the colour of the coat and the pedigree of the dog affect the price. On average, the price of a Yorkie puppy ranges from 1,500 to even 4,000 zloty. A puppy from the middle price range, which is the offspring of parents with a pedigree, can cost around 2,500 zloty. On the other hand, a puppy from parents with titles and an outstanding pedigree can exceed even the amount of 4000 zloty.

Additional costs

As well as the price of buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy itself, you also need to consider the additional costs associated with owning a dog. These include, but are not limited to, vet fees, vaccinations, insurance, food and dog accessories such as toys or a dog bed. In the case of Yorkshires, you will also need to bear in mind regular grooming of the coat, which may require frequent visits to the groomer.

Pedigree and the price of a Yorkshire Terrier

A dog's pedigree has a key impact on its price. Dogs with a pedigree, i.e. dogs whose ancestors are known and have proven skills, tend to be more expensive. A pedigree confirms the origin and breed characteristics of the puppy. It is also a guarantee that the dog comes from a reputable kennel and is under the constant supervision of vets specialising in the Yorkshire terrier breed.

Dog insurance

The popularity of the Yorkshire Terrier breed means that many people choose to purchase a dog of this breed. However, you should not forget about the additional fees associated with maintaining your dog. For starters, it is worth considering health insurance for your pet. The costs associated with insuring your dog can range from a few tens to even a few hundred zloty per month, depending on the coverage.


The Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable, energetic and sociable dog breed that is popular all over the world. The price of a Yorkie puppy depends on various factors, such as pedigree, coat colour and variety. In addition to the cost of buying the dog itself, it is also worth considering the additional costs associated with maintaining the dog, such as insurance and regular vet visits. However, investing in a Yorkshire Terrier is not only an expense, but also a huge amount of happiness and love that the dog has to offer.

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